About Me

Formally from Mt. Zion, Illinois, I moved to Cape Coral, Florida in December of 2011. I am a full-time college student at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton which is where I call home. I am set to graduate August 2019, with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies and a minor in photography. Whether it’s in a still or motion picture context, being behind the camera is a passion of mine.

Other areas of my expertise are filmography, graphic design, editing, and writing in a multimedia context. I have a creative mind that serves me well in these capacities.

My obsession with cars has driven my desire to continue to improve on my craft. Currently, I own a 1997 Trans Am (which you will see in my photos and videos) that I crave to learn more about, discover its different parts, and learn the history behind. Because of this, I integrate much of this into my video and photography work.

Please enjoy my website as I continually add new photos and videos.